Haier 102L Heat Pump Water Heater – HP110M5

Haier 102L Heat Pump Water Heater - HP110M5


Haier’s Heat Pump Water Heater series was developed with household energy savings in mind. Unlike a traditional water heater, heat pump water heaters provide hot water using the heat in the air, saving on energy consumption.

The electricity used by the system is only the electricity required for the compressor and fan to operate. Electrical resistances are inserted only if they are really necessary or if requested by the user (BOOST).

  • Eco Power – Work under low tariff hours to save more electricity cost
  • PV – Under a Photovoltaic system, you can set the product to optimize the use of electricity produced
  • Slim Body – Slim body design saves space
  • Fast heating – Powerful compressors contribute to shorter heating-up time
  • Micro Channel Condenser – The micro-channel condenser has a larger contact surface for better heat transfer performance
  • Product Dimensions: 492*537*1320 mm (D*W*H)


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