HAIER 365L 3 Door Fridge with Dispenser HTR3619FWMP(UK)

HAIER 365L 3 Door Fridge with Dispenser HTR3619FWMP(UK)

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  • Haier Total No Frost Technology
  • MyZone Drawer
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • Haier Easy Access Drawers
  • 2-year warranty
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor
Dimension of product( H / W / D) 1905*657*595
Dimension of product( H / W / D) 1980*727*664


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3D 60 Series 3

At 60cm wide, Haier’s Three Doors 60 refrigerators boast an impressively engineered freezer drawer system that
not only allows for a more efficient use of space for your frozen goods, it also ensures quick access to the entire freezer,
saving up to 60% more energy compared to similar bottom-mounted fridge-freezers. The Fresher Techs®, meanwhile,
are constantly adjusting conditions to ensure the quality of your food is preserved. Haier’s 3D 60 Series 3 refrigerators guarantees
the perfect preservation of your food thanks to specialised zones that manage temperature and/or humidity to preserve your food for longer.

Fresh water in an instant

The automatic water dispensers provide clean filtered water whenever you want. Cold drinks in an instant!

F Class

Choosing Haier’s F Class Refrigerators means saving energy, improving performance efficiency and respecting the environment.
-20% consumption compared to the G Class.

See things more clearly, with LED interior lighting

Bright LED lighting makes viewing the contents of both your refrigerator and freezer easier compared to regular interior fridge lights.
And while the stunning LEDs in Haier’s refrigerators consume less energy than conventional lighting, they’re also built to be far more durable.
Adjust the compartment’s temperature according to your needs
MyZone is a result of Haier’s dedication to continual improvement, constant innovation and always exceeding
our customers’ expectations. It allows you to adjust the temperature within the compartment quickly and easily
depending on your storage needs at the time. With a simple touch, just choose the temperature according to your requirements.


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